Shake Off the Summertime Blues

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Job Seeker Strategies

Even though we are not yet into the “dog days” of mid-August, for many job seekers the combination of the heat, lingering false summertime stereotypes and COVID-19 related items have them wondering whether they should stay out of the job market until September.

The reality of the situation is actually much different, and a savvy job seeker will quickly draw the conclusion that now is a great time to seek employment. There are numerous reasons why, so let’s take a moment and review several now.

From an employer’s perspective, these are very difficult times – the number of applicants has declined compared to their hiring needs, and the demand for labor is definitely high in most industries. Generous Federal and State COVID-19 programs have created a situation where candidates are either waiting for the funding to expire, or have become particularly choosy as to which positions they are seeking. This is great news for the person who wishes to work right away and does not carry with themselves a laundry list of demands regarding work responsibilities and environment. The more flexible and willing to work you are, the more likely you will gain positive attention and a new job.

Employers love to see candidates with a strong work ethic and desire to be employed, especially when there are incentives to perhaps stay out of work. A person currently seeking employment sends a strong message to the prospective employer regarding their working mindset and desire to join the organization. You can use this to your advantage right in the interview, by communicating how much you want to be employed and begin working.

Employers are also looking at how to streamline their hiring processes in order to get to an earlier hiring decision and an accepted offer. This mindset should serve to overcome the traditional summertime hurdle of having to figure out how to schedule interviews around management vacation time. This is good news for job seekers, as companies’ eagerness to hire results in you knowing sooner as to where you stand, and that makes it easier for you to manage your overall job search.

Employers are currently mid-year into their calendar budget, and typically have firmly secured the financial resources to move forward with the hire. This is especially important for newly created positions that require a budget expansion in order to fill. As the year progresses into the late 3rd and 4th quarter, job seekers may find themselves in a situation where an employer will wait until the new calendar year to fill the position. With this in mind, summer can be the perfect time to get your foot in the door of a company before they stop hiring for the year.

Continuing your job search this summer does not mean that you can’t enjoy this wonderful time of year in Western New York. When you land a new job, there should still be time around your work schedule to relax in the sun. Even if you don’t immediately land a new role, you have laid valuable groundwork for your next opportunity. Groundwork that those who took the summer off will not have earned.

There may be several reasons pulling you towards staying with your current position or maintaining your unemployment status. A full review of the situation this summer, however, should draw you to the conclusion that it is a good time to be a job seeker. So, shake off those summertime blues and start exploring the job listings on in order to find your next position.

As always, the best of luck in your job search.

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Joe Stein
WNY Human Resources Professional

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