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Take advantage of our extra features, like confidential profiles and “Make Me Move” statements to grab employers attention and get them to offer you a new job!

CONFIDENTIAL PROFILES – Showcase your skills and experience without the employer knowing your name.

MAKE ME MOVE – Tell prospective employers what they can offer you to leave your current job.

CONFIDENTIAL RESPONSE – Employers will complete a form with their company name & contact information, which will be emailed to you confidentially from our website to your email.


Secret or private, often in a formal, business, or military situation; kept hidden from other people.

Samples of Confidential professional profiles
that employers will be able to search through:

Confidential Candidate
Education: Bachelors Degree
Region(s): Buffalo area
Salary Requirement: $33,000 – $50,000 ($16.-$24/hr)

Resume: Download
Pasted Resume:

Professional Summary: I have worked at three different companies in the WNY over the past 15 years, the current one for over 3 years. I have continued to learn skills related to my job, including obtaining related certification. I am proficient in multiple computer programs, and am a quick learner when asked to do more.

Employed but would consider other employment opportunities: While I enjoy my current position, I am looking for something that offers better benefits. Long-term stability and the ability to advance my career is a plus.

Our website will remove your name, phone number and email from the initial form that you fill out.

HOWEVER, you are responsible for removing it from your uploaded and/ or pasted resume. If you do not, the employer will still see who you are and will be able to contact you that way.

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