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by | Mar 9, 2020 | Interviewing

A national office supply company has made its marketing campaign around it for years…the concept of the “easy button”. The idea is both basic and genius at the same time. If you make something simple to use or easy to do it is more valuable or appealing to the person.

This concept also works very well for a person’s job search. A Hiring Manager has a million things to do and as many directions to go in. She/he was probably very busy to begin with and now has to deal with this open position, both from a filling-in and a having to recruit standpoint. So why, rather than making things easy for a Hiring Manager, does a Job Seeker sometimes do things that cause difficulty or extra work?

What is good news for a Job Seeker, is that making things easy for a Hiring Manager does not need to be a lot of work to accomplish. In fact, virtually everything is common sense and pretty low effort to do. Let’s take a look at some of the items you can do to make things easy and simple for the Hiring Manager.

• Follow Instructions – There are usually important instructions included in any job posting or advertisement. This may outline how to apply, or key position requirements. Whatever it may be, if you do what is asked, then you have reduced the stress of the Hiring Manager. Doing “your own thing” is generally not appreciated.

• Write It So It Is Easy to Read – I can be a traditionalist, in many ways, when it comes to a job search. I still like a clear and concise Cover Letter that allows me to quickly pick out why you are interested and qualified for the role. The same rule of thumb goes for the Resume, as it should be neat, fairly simple, and clearly written to highlight your qualifications to the posting. Try having a 3rd party, such as a family member or friend, read your documents to make sure they make perfect sense.

• Qualified Only – The chances of you landing a job that you are not qualified for is virtually non-existent. So, rather than applying for a job you can’t get, wasting the Hiring Manager’s time, and hurting your chances for future openings you may be qualified to obtain, you are better off waiting for the next vacancy.

• Be Available – A major time waster for a Hiring Manager is having to connect with a Job Seeker to phone screen, set up an interview, etc. You can make things much easier by providing multiple ways for you to be connected, having your phone on so you can answer, and calling back during times when it is likely that the Hiring Manager will be available (i.e., do not call back at 9 pm at night, expecting to reach someone).

• Know What You Want – A Job Seeker can make things much easier for a Hiring Manager when they have thought about their search ahead of time. Areas to self-reflect on include: how long of a commute you are willing to do, what is your salary range, and what job duties you absolutely have to have or want to avoid. All of these items (and more) can make the phone screen a more rewarding experience by truly determining if there is a core interest on your part prior to bringing you in for a time consuming in-person interview.

• Come Prepared – Most Hiring Managers’ schedules involve one appointment after another in a busy workday. So, come on time for your interview (and early, if requested to fill out paperwork) and be ready for the discussion. Be sure to have researched the company to assist in the conversation, and know what questions you want to ask in order to properly assess the opportunity.

Making it easy for your Manager goes beyond just the job search process. If applicable, be sure to go to your drug screen in a timely manner. Also, bring the proper ID for your background check and I-9 paperwork. Whatever you can do to show that you are low maintenance and can follow directions will be beneficial for your career.

We are always stressing how important it is to give yourself a competitive advantage against your competition. Doing this does not have to be difficult to complete and something as simple as “making things easy” can add real value for your job search.

As always, best of luck in your job search.

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Joe Stein
WNY Human Resources Professional

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Joe Stein

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