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Corvus Property Intelligence Posted: 2021-12-29

Buffalo, NY 14211

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Vast potential to grow with us. We're looking for great people that take pride in a job well done and are eager for opportunities to make a difference.
If you're a strong property management professional, who likes to take ownership and appreciates a committed team supporting you every day, we could be perfect for each other.

This opening is at a LIHTC property.
OS and TCS designations are preferred.
LIHTC housing experience is a must.

Property managers help property owners in preserving and increasing the value of their real estate investments. They manage the day-to-day financial operations of the property, including finding and placing qualified residents, and they ensure the property is in good working condition.
The position requires a valid driver’s license, reliable means of transportation, considerable independent work, solid decision-making skills, and is tasked with the responsibility for the financial and managerial success of residential, commercial, or mixed-use real estate assets.

Principal Responsibilities

Resident Relations:
Develop rental agreements, select qualified residents, collect deposits and rents, enforce terms of rental agreements, resolve resident complaints, oversee eviction proceedings if necessary.

Keep properties occupied with qualified residents through advertising, lead follow up, property showings for prospective residents.

Facilities management:
Schedule maintenance and repairs, negotiates contracts with vendors, regularly inspects the property to ensure it is in good working order and prepared for any agency inspections, and quickly resolves emergency maintenance issues.

Financial reporting:
Keep financial records from property operations and create monthly financial reports for the property owners.

Owner relations:
Keep an open dialogue with the property owner on vacancies, residents, the physical condition of the property, and financial issues.

Core Knowledge and Skills Needed
Familiarity with applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
Strong interpersonal & business communication skills.
High level of organization and attention to detail.
Competence with office management software.
Knowledge of financial reporting and budgeting principles.
Strong supervisory skills.
Fair Housing training/certification required annually.
Competence in the operation of telephone, copy machine, facsimile, personal computer, Google Docs, and community software.
Must possess a positive attitude and the ability to smile under all circumstances.
Participate in training.
Ability to work a flexible schedule, including evenings & weekends.
Maintain neat, clean, professional appearance at all times throughout the workday and/or whenever present at the community or company events.
Demonstrate the ability to diffuse and respond to customer concerns to avoid escalation of the problem.

Accept rental payment and post rents to the computer.
Oversee proper filing of all resident & vendor information.
Understand the apartment lease and all move-in documents.
Process any required affordable housing vouching to ensure timely payments from governing agencies.
Prepare a statement of accounting notices for past residents.
Prepare legal notices and appear in court for non-payment of resident rent.
Oversee and review the annual and interim certifications for all residents who are eligible under the affordable program established for the property. Agency rules and regulations must be followed.
Supervise overall daily operations of the community, including, but not limited to marketing, unit inspections, property inspections, and capital improvements.
Promote and advance the leadership objective of creating a top tier resident experience that builds brand loyalty and reputation.
Perform overall staff management. Including hiring, training, performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, team development as well as empower the team to achieve the property and company goals and objectives.

Conduct business in a fiscally responsible manner protecting owner & company investments.
Prepare an annual operating budget.
Maximize income, control expenditures, and maintain financial objectives to meet predetermined budgetary goals.
Ensure that all invoices received from the vendors are approved, entered, and paid in a timely manner.
Operate computers programmed with accounting software to record, store, and analyze information.
Review monthly financial reports in order to make adjustments in property spending to meet budget guidelines.
Maintain high occupancy levels to reduce vacancy loss. The company’s goal is to maintain a minimum of 98% occupancy annually.
Submit all eligible special claims monthly for eligible properties.

Resident Retention:
Receive telephone calls and in-person visits. Listen to resident requests, concerns, and comments.
Quickly complete maintenance service requests and inform the maintenance team. Answer questions for residents about community, repairs, rent, rules, etc. Follow up on a timely basis if unable to respond to residents on all matters.
Ensure all maintenance repairs are handled satisfactorily by contacting residents with completed service requests on a weekly basis.
Maintain open communication with the Maintenance Supervisor.
Contribute to the cleanliness and curb appeal of the community on a continuing basis.
Work with the team in planning resident functions. Attend functions and participate as host for any functions as directed by the Regional Property Manager.
Enforce policies of the community.
Respond to all resident complaints according to grievance policy.

Have a clear knowledge of all vacant apartments. Monitor the ready status and keep track of turnover time.
Monitor the condition of the model unit and other available apartments to make sure they are move-in ready and that they meet company standards.
Oversee that prospects complete an application and secure deposit in accordance with company procedures and Fair Housing requirements.
Review applications ready for approval. Submit processed applications to the Director of Housing Compliance for final approval.
Ensure the apartment is ready for the resident to move-in on the agreed date.
Secure new resident’s signature(s) on appropriate paperwork prior to move-in. Orient new residents to the community.
Monitor renewals.
Oversee the distribution of all company or community-issued notices.
Represent the company in a professional manner at all times.

Neighborhood Marketing:
Advise residents of referral concessions (if permitted).
Assist in placing, removing/updating banners, balloons, bandit signs, flags, etc.
Distribute newsletters, pamphlets, flyers, etc.
Assist in conducting market surveys and shop competitive communities.
Visit other communities to stay in touch with local competition.
Maintain the property website to keep fresh.
Oversee all marketing methods to ensure they meet company guidelines. (i.e. CraigsList, Apartment Guide, Newspaper ads,, etc.)
Evaluate marketing effectiveness and prepare reports to be submitted to Regional Property Manager.

Safety Responsibilities:
Learn and ensure compliance with all company, local, state, and federal safety rules.
Ensures that unsafe conditions are corrected in a timely manner.
Prepare incident reports for any unusual event on the property.

Core Values:
In order to achieve success, Corvus Property Intelligence’s team must embrace certain core principles and values.

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