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by | Jul 5, 2023 | Job Seeker Strategies

The weather is finally turning warmer in WNY and we are settling into weather forecast routine. For those of you reading this issue of WNYJOBS, the summer means more than picnics, sun, and mowing lawn; it also means searching for new employment.

The summer is certainly a different time than the other seasons for job searching. Dependent on your point-of-view (the ole’ optimist or pessimist personality traits) it has positive traits, but it also has some challenging traits attached to it. As you review the list you will notice most of the same attributes of the positive traits also are found on the challenges list.

Summer Job Search Positives:

• There is generally less competition from other job searchers. There are many job searchers who will misguidedly take the “summer off” from their job search. These Job Searchers may feel that they are entitled to a “summer vacation” after working for a while. It also may be a move that they made to correspond to childcare and kids being home from school. The summer is a great time to continue to build momentum in your job search and take advantage of individuals sitting on the sidelines. You should not reduce your job search focus in any way, your willpower will provide you with a competitive advantage.

• The Summer Job Search can feature a relaxed atmosphere from prospective employers. This can result in a less stressful environment for those who struggle with nerves during their interviews. The summer may bring about Recruiters or members of Management wearing more casual clothing, or working different and less strenuous hours to take advantage of the season. Heck, even just having consistent sunshine will place people in a better overall mood. Use the less formal environment as a stress reliever, but do not allow it to reduce your professionalism. Seek guidance from the prospective employer prior to your interview regarding dress code and when in doubt wear the recognized interview outfit for the type of position you are seeking.

• The summer season will often result in more transitional type of positions. These seasonal types of positions will allow you to stick your “foot in the door” of a targeted employer while still maintaining an income level and a consistent work history for your Resume. Many employers will add seasonal associates during this time due to additional vacations or a spike in their work due to the improved weather.

Summer Job Search Challenges:

• A spike in vacations amongst Recruiters and members of Management may make it difficult to have the right individuals together to make hiring decisions. A summer job opening can take longer to fill. It may also take multiple trips into a facility to interview since not everyone may be available at one time to see you.

• In general, Summer Job Seekers need to be more diligent and more patient than at other times of the year. You are more likely to receive voice mail when calling someone during this time to seek an update. Since the process is elongated, you may have to wait much longer between updates. You must walk the tightrope between reminding the Recruiter of your candidacy for the open position and being bothersome. I would also recommend being as flexible as possible because a Recruiter may have very limited time windows to have you meet the right people.

• The Summer Job Seeker must not be distracted by the season. It is very tempting to slack off by not treating your job search like a Full-Time position. You may feel the urge to listen to the call of the beach, or bike rides, or just general outdoor relaxation. While it is always important to keep the right balance for stress reduction, your main priority must be in finding new employment.

The four seasons of WNY help to make it such a special place, enjoy the summer for the short period of time it is available. Stay focused on your Job Search; just think about how much more enjoyable the activities of the weekend will be when you find that great new job.

As always, the best of luck in your job search.

The following has been prepared for the general information of WNYJobs readers. It is not meant to provide advice with respect to any specific legal or policy matter and should not be acted upon without verification by the reader.

Joe Stein WNY Human Resources Professional

Feel free to contact Joe Stein regarding questions or comments at: Joe Stein

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