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Networking is the process of obtaining job leads, contact names and company information from business colleagues, family, and friends. Most Job Seekers have heard the term “networking” yet many choose to either ignore the option or use it half-heartedly. Networking,...

Why Attending a Job Fair Is Still Important

Some people who live on their computer may be surprised to learn that Job Fairs still exist and are even thriving. In fact, this edition of features a major Job Fair in the Western New York area. As you sit in front of your computer sending out your resume...

Eliminating Networking Fear

During these difficult economic times, networking is more important than ever (even thought it was always crucial). The limited quantity of positions available, along with the high cost of employment advertising (except for has made many of the job...

Are You Social Networking?

The Internet is such an amazing communication tool that if, you blink, you just may miss out on whatever is the latest craze. Just as surfing and downloading became common language vernacular, one of the latest to catch fire is using Social Networking in your job...

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