Electrical Assembler / Conformal Coat Operator in Buffalo , NY

SoPark Posted: 2021-04-06

Buffalo , NY 14218

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Electrical Assembler/Conformal Coat Operator – Full-time, 2nd shift

The Electrical Assembler/Conformal Coat Operator assembles electronics components, subassemblies, products, or systems as well as conformal coats printed circuit boards by machine by performing the following duties:
- Locates, retrieves, follows procedures and/or work instructions; sets up workstations; masks boards; prepares components for assembly.
- Installs components demonstrating proper component identification skill, sequence of hand placed parts, polarity, placement of large heat-producing components, resistors and jump wires as required.
- Demonstrates good solder joints; differentiates between no-clean and water wash flux and solder; avoids bridges, pin holes and voids. Demonstrates proper use of soldering irons, soldering tips, board depanelizer, board washer and oven.
- Ensures all thru-hole components are installed correctly; removes and replaces thru-hole components as required.
- Using manufacturing work instructions or computer files loads the correct profiles into the conformal coat machine and processes boards.
- Visually scans boards for proper coating and/or identifies and corrects defects prior to loading assembly onto the conveyor correctly. Reviews coated assemblies for defects before passing them on to the next process.
- Demonstrates knowledge and correct application of coating materials.
- Clean and maintain all conformal coating apparatus (i.e. coating machine, nozzles, spray gun, etc.).

Requirements: Minimum of one-year certificate from a college or technical school. A minimum of two-years related experience required. Previous soldering experience and knowledge required.

Additional detailed requirements can be found on our website, http://www.sopark.com under Careers.

Applications accepted online.

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