District Superintendent of Schools and CEO in Medina, NY

Orleans / Niagara BOCES Posted: 2024-03-19

Medina, NY 14103

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Salary Range: $190,000.00 to $208,250.00 based on experience

The successful candidate will be an educational leader with administrative experience, preferably at the senior level.
The candidate must have, or be eligible for, New York State School District Administrator/Leader certification.
The individual must possess outstanding personal and professional characteristics and demonstrate the following:

• The ability to inspire and lead, while having the ability to know when it is best to empower others to lead.
• Willingness to advance the agency’s vision by seeking feedback from the employees and model the skills/behavior expected of others.
• Be a consummate communicator who is authentic and approachable, who can clearly and succinctly share their vision for the Orleans/Niagara BOCES inside and outside the organization.
• The ability and experience to create and advance a professional culture that is equitable and inclusive.
• The ability to grasp and understand the political climate and culture, and be a staunch advocate for the agency on a local, state, and regional level.
• The ability to make recruitment and retention a critical priority at all levels of the agency, while promoting equitable hiring practices.
• Understanding of the BOCES business model and the critical relationship with component school districts.
• Problem-solving and critical thinking skills to address the unique challenges of the Orleans/Niagara BOCES.
• Honesty, integrity, equity, and have a strong moral compass.
• Understanding of the culture and climate of Western New York and the vast differences between rural and city school districts.
• Background and experience that will allow the successful candidate to serve as a colleague, advisor, and mentor to component school district superintendents.

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