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Charlie The Butcher's Kitchen and Carvery Concepts Posted: 2022-04-19

Williamsville , NY 14221

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Charlie The Butcher's Kitchen and Carvery Concepts
1065 Wehrle Dr., Williamsville and 770 Elmwood, Buffalo
Charlie The Butcher's Kitchen in Williamsville and Charlie The Butcher's Carvery in the Elmwood village are our most well known concepts, they see the most customers, are open the most hours and have the largest menus of all of our locations. We run those concepts open kitchen, cafeteria style and all the orders are processed through 3 stations.
The register station takes the customer's order and accepts payment.

The carving station produces our hand carved menu items including our signature sandwich, Beef on Weck. The grill station (Williamsville only) rounds out our menu adding grilled meats for sandwiches and deep fried side dishes. Finally, the table station is responsible for completing the orders by organizing and packaging the items and handing them to the customer.

The Shift Managers in these concepts help Charlie serve Beef on Weck over lunch and dinner shifts 7 days a week starting as early as 8:00 am and ending as late as 10:00 pm in a fast paced environment. Full time positions are available. Work includes great customer service, managing 4 to 5 employees, opening and closing duties, cleaning, inventory and ordering, maintaining quality of food served and levels of production, driving sales, reconciling cash drawer, carving, register work, grill and deep fry cooking, order assembly and packaging, prep work, and did I mention, great customer service.

The paid training rate is based on previous experience in the food service industry.

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