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 Video Resume Posting Directions

Let your Personality Shine with a Video Resume
A great tool for getting your foot in the door for an interview!

View this sample resume for ideas:

When you post your resume on WNYJOBS – you may now also include a link to a video resume you have created.

 How it works:

  • Create your own video resume, preferably less than 2 minutes and under 20mb
  • Post it to Google Video, YouTube or any other video hosting site. Be sure to record the video ID number.
  • Post your regular resume on WNYJOBS and include your Video Resume ID number only:
    (You Tube example:  0QIkqKTIjMo)
    (Google example:   7866968417155738172)
    * Click the Post Resume link and complete our easy to use form
  • Important: Do not make your video "Private" on You Tube or Google or your video may not be viewable by area employers


  • For privacy concerns, when creating your video resume - DO NOT include personal information other than your first name. Your preferred contact information will be available with your traditional resume on You may still make your contact information confidential if you wish. Only registered employers/recruiters with WNYJOBS will have access to this information.
  • Be as creative as you like but keep in mind the potential employers viewing your resume will be creating a first impression from your video.You want to speak clearly, look professional, and come across as enthusiastic and positive.
  • Keep if brief. TV commercials run 30 seconds to get their point across - please keep yours under 2 minutes. You want your video to entice viewers to look more closely at the work experience on your resume and get you to the next step in the hiring process, whether it's a telephone or in-person interview.
  • Have a friend critique the finished product.
photo of video camera