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Creating Your Resume
Checklist Before Posting Your Resume Online
Netiquette Regarding Online Job Searching
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Help Pasting Your Resume Online

Creating Your Resume -
Create your resume in a word processor before posting your resume online, such as Microsoft Word or WordPad (WordPad is available on all Windows computers by clicking Start/Programs/Accessories/WordPad). Whatever your word processing choice, it is important to use a word processor with a Spell Check. Using a word processor gives you the opportunity to review and revise your resume and perform spell checks before actually posting it online. It also allows you to keep a copy of your resume on hand to make revisions in the event your situation changes and to have available to bring with you on interviews.

Since most online forms strip out formatting such as bold, underlining, bullets, etc., once you finish your resume and have used the spell check, paste it into Notepad (Notepad is available on Windows computers---Click Start/Programs/Accessories/Notepad). That way you will see how an employer will view your resume with the formatting removed. From Notepad, paste your resume into WNYJOBS online resume form. If you are not familiar with Cut and Paste, you will find a link on our Post Resume form with Detailed Instructions that you can print before posting your resume.

Keep a copy of your online resume on your computer's drive (and a backup on a floppy) for future revisions and to review when you receive a call from an employer. You will also want to keep a copy of your resume that you created in the Word Processor (complete with formatting) to have available for Interviews.

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Checklist Before Posting Your Resume Online

  • Check for Spelling Errors
  • Check for Grammatical Errors
  • Check Resume is concise and to the point
  • Have others read your resume for advice
  • Make sure your contact information is correct (address, e-mail, phone)
  • If posting confidentially, read WNYJOBS tips on posting confidentially
  • What e-mail address are you using? Free e-mail is available to create a professional sounding e-mail address. Free e-mail can easily be found by going to a search engine such as Google or Yahoo and typing in the keywords "free e-mail" (without quotes)
  • Read "Netiquette" tips before posting your resume

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Netiquette Defined:
Common Courtesy Online and Informal Rules of Online Resume Posting

  • Do not use all capitals - Online, this is the equivalent of SHOUTING!
  • If you are using an e-mail address, make sure it is correct and formatted correctly (note: e-mail addresses do not start with www.)
  • When applying for an online position, carefully follow the instructions within the ad as to submitting a resume or applying for a particular position
  • Do not send attachments when applying for a position through e-mail. Rather, paste your resume into the e-mail, unless the employer specifically request a particular format.
  • Do not write a resume in paragraph form
  • If you have a cover letter, do not repeat information in your resume - and keep it short
  • Do not include personal information such as height, weight, etc in your resume
  • Do not repeat yourself
  • Do not post your resume in every category available - posting your resume in more than three categories is too many
  • Be aware of your e-mail address - is not a wise choice. Review your e-mail address to make sure it is not offensive. You can obtain free e-mail accounts from many sources on the Internet. Carefully choose the name you use to receive responses from employers and be sure to document your password to access the free account you choose.
  • Be sure to check your free e-mail account frequently and delete old mail-Many, if not all, of these accounts have size limits, and if you are not clearing your account, your e-mail could get "bounced" back to its originator if there is not enough room in your mailbox.
  • It's okay to include a link to a personal web page that contains your resume, but do not let that be the only information you post. It is best to post a complete resume with reference to the link only if you feel it would be beneficial. Remember, if you are linking to a website you created, that employer will have access to all pages that are linked within your website.

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Posting a Resume Confidentially Online at WNYJOBS

It is possible to keep your identity hidden when posting your resume online at WNYJOBS. Carefully follow the tips below when posting your resume online to help assure your resume remains confidential. You can also read about our privacy policy
To Keep Your Identity Confidential at WNYJOBS Site:

  • Place a checkmark in the box labeled Confidential Posting on the online form - This will ensure the only information a prospective employer will see is your e-mail address and the information contained in the resume you paste into the form. All other information you complete on the form such as name, address, phone number etc. will be hidden from the employer.
  • Obtain a confidential e-mail address. Instead of using a work e-mail address or your personal e-mail address, there are a variety of websites that offer free e-mail. You can use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo typing in the words "free e-mail" (without the quotes) to obtain a list of services offering free e-mail (remember to write down and save your e-mail password in a safe place).
  • IMPORTANT! Do Not Include Any Personal Information when pasting or typing your resume into the textbox labeled "Paste Your Resume Below". Review your entire resume. If you are pasting a two page resumes you may have your name at the top of the second page, and it will not appear until you scroll down through the resume. REMEMBER! Anything pasted or typed into this box can be seen by an employer so check your resume carefully if you wish to remain confidential.
  • Be sure not to directly name your current employer. For example, if you work for a manufacturing firm, rather than directly naming the company, you can state A Large Manufacturing Company or for a law firm Established Law Firm instead of directly naming the company.
  • When completing a description of current duties, generalize instead of being specific as to the duties you perform. Instead of specifically saying typed letters and memos for staff of ten and answered phone for three attorneys, wording such as perform a variety of administrative duties such as typing and answering multiple phone lines would be more general. Stay away from any phrases that would be specific and noticeable to your current employer. Further details can be given at an interview.

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  • When sending a resume, it is better to paste your resume in your e-mail and ask if okay to send as an attachment, unless the employer specifically request it be sent in a particular format as an attachment (this is due to the threat of computer virus's)
  • Follow the instructions within an ad when replying to a job posting you see online. Some employers want resumes mailed, some will accept resumes through e-mail. It is important to read the instructions within the advertisement.

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WNYJOBS takes your privacy very seriously. By using our site you acknowledge that your resume and the information contained therein will be accessible by paying customers of WNYJOBS (such as employers/agencies). WNYJOBS will never sell or distribute your personal information posted at this site. WNYJOBS does not allow e-mail addresses or any other applicant information to be distributed to any other party other than it's intended use, i.e. through the purchase of a password for the purpose of obtaining potential applicants through WNYJOBS. WNYJOBS does provide the opportunity to post your resume confidentially. For further instructions on posting your resume confidentially, please click this Confidential Link. E-mail addresses submitted to during E-Jobs registration will be used only for the purposes of WNYJOBS services. These are kept confidential, and will not be sold or otherwise distributed to third parties.

Report any issues of privacy complaints stating specifics to

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