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Cheektowaga, NY

Posted Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Job Description:

Would you want a career in health care?

Medical Office Assistant
Evening program starts:
October 2018

• Learn computerized office scheduling using Medent
software, also included Electronic Medical Records
• Study the language of Medical Terminology

Please call Cindy at 821-7102 to register.

Certified Nursing Assistant / Home Health Aide – Monthly Enrollment

• At course completion you will be able to demonstrate the basic
nursing skills to appropriately care for the ill and infi rm
• Learn the appropriate medical terminology and the proper
documentation procedures to record and report care
* Receive a duel certification of this program, doubling your opportunities for employment

Medical Billing Clerk – October 2018

• Medent Software, the most widely used program in the Western New York medical community
• Billing Concepts, Interpret Medical Procedures and Diagnoses
relating to medical claims

Phlebotomy – February 2019

• Learn the anatomy and physiology of the various blood drawing
sites and the proper technique to draw blood from these sites
• Gain knowledge in the fixatives of each blood tube, what type of
blood tests go in each color tube and the order of draw

Licensed Practical Nursing – October 2018

• Excellent preparation for NCLEX-PN licensing examination
• Be employment ready in 1 year

- Train in 1 Year or Less
- Financial Assistance Available
- Day and Evening classes
Program details can be found online at or call 821-7500

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